Reality Capture

Take your Inspections to New Heights

Eliminating the need for Lengthy and Costly Manual Inspections

Inspections Have Never Been So Easy

The New Process


Use off the shelf hardware and our proprietary path planning technology to capture the site


Upload the captured images to our cloud processor and receive your high resolution 3D digital twin


Conduct your automated inspection with our sophisticated algorithms to automatically identify defects


Collaborate with your team using your automatically generated report and make decisions with these insights

What we offer

Use Off the Shelf Hardware

Our 3D model reconstruction pipeline is data source agnostic. Provide us with the images, and we create high-resolution 3D models.

Seamlessly Shareable Models

Upload you data to ConeLab’s secure cloud server for full 3D reconstruction of the model. Once done, its ready to share!

Manipulate the model and visualize using annotations – All done via web browser on a consumer grade computer. 

Available on the Merlin product, sign up for a demo today:

Semantic Segmentation

Automatically identify areas requiring maintenance with our robust semantic segmentation models. We can identify anything from rust to rot in seconds.

Automated Reports

Generate reports seamlessly after inspections to quickly delegate maintenance tasks to your team.

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Why Automate Inspections?

Ensure Employee Safety

Eliminate the need for manual inspections in dangerous environments


Reduce the headcount required to complete inspections

Detailed Records

Maintain a comprehensive log of your job sites with high resolution 3D models

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Never travel back and forth to the job sites again

Industries we are Revolutionizing

Below are the key industries that we serve. Our goal is to ensure employee safety by automating manual inspections

Man inspecting large bridge upside down

Bridge Inspections

Takeoff And Building Audits

Wind Turbine Preventative Maintenance

Helicopter Inspection

Power Line Continuity